Who Dies In Walking Dead Comics?

Does Carl die in The Walking Dead comics?

Carl Grimes (very much not killed in the comics’ version of “All-Out War,” unlike his live-action counterpart) is a grown man with a wife (Sophia, very much not killed in the comics’ version of the Greene family farm storyline) and a daughter, fittingly named Andrea.

Who has died in the walking dead?

Part 1 – 11 Deaths

Cause of Death Responsible Party
Zombified – Shawn Greene Shot in the head. Shane Walsh T-Dog Andrea Daryl Dixon Glenn Rhee
Zombified – Sophia Peletier Shot in the head. Rick Grimes

5 more rows

Who dies at the fair in The Walking Dead comics?

Absolutely brutal to behold in both versions of the story. Here’s where the biggest differences arise: the people who died. In the comic books, the two most prominent victims are Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Ezekiel (Khary Payton), both of whom are still alive and well in the television series.

Does Lydia die in The Walking Dead comics?

Comic book series

Lydia is one of the Whisperers to follow Paul “Jesus” Monroe, Darius and two other guards. She is captured by Jesus. After the war against his group, Lydia goes to the ranks of Rick’s group and survives to the end of the story.