Walking Dead Comics Rick’s Hand?

How does Rick lose his hand in the comics?

In the source comics, the former Sherriff lost his right hand when it was chopped off by the Governer (played in the TV series by David Morrissey), although due to budgetary constraints, this event was never adapted in the TV show.

How did Aaron on Walking Dead lose his hand?

The Walking Dead suffered a devastating loss on Sunday’s episode: Aaron’s arm. That all changed on Sunday’s episode, when Aaron’s arm was crushed by a log in an unexpected Walker attack. The damage was so bad that Enid (yes, Enid) had to amputate it with Daryl’s help.

Does Negan cut off Rick’s hand?

The lead has his hand cut off by The Governor in Issue #28 after the latter captures him. The baddie wanted to prove how dangerous he was, so he chose to chop off Rick’s hand with a knife. The event left Rick with a temporary handicap as he adapted to the injury.

What episode does Rick lose his hand?

Rick loses his right hand early in the comic series — in issue 28. It happens during his first encounter with the Governor, who has been long gone on the show.