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Tales from the Crypt

Comic series

How many Tales from the Crypt comics are there?

As of today, there have been a total of 13 issues (9 graphic novels) published by Papercutz, with the last issue being published September 28, 2010. In 2016, Super Genius Comics would relaunch Tales from the Crypt for two issues.

Who created Tales From the Crypt?

Tales from the Crypt (TV series)

Tales from the Crypt
Genre Anthology Horror Black comedy Dark fantasy
Created by Steven Dodd
Based on Tales from the Crypt by Steven Dodd Al Feldstein
Voices of John Kassir

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Who owns EC Comics?

In 1954–55, censorship pressures prompted it to concentrate on the humor magazine Mad, leading to the company’s greatest and most enduring success.

EC Comics.

Industry Publishing
Headquarters New York City , United States
Key people Max Gaines William Gaines
Products Comics
Owner Gaines Family

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Was Creepshow a real comic book?

Creepshow (comics) Creepshow is a graphic novella published by Penguin imprint Plume in July 1982, based on the film Creepshow (also from 1982).