Star Wars Comics Reading Order?

What order should I read Star Wars comics?

Star Wars Legends Reading Order

  • Old Republic Era. Knights of the Old Republic. The Old Republic Series.
  • Rise Of The Empire. Clone Wars. Dark Times.
  • Rebellion Era. After The Battle of Yavin. After The Empire Strikes Back. After Return of the Jedi. X-Wing Rogue Squadron.
  • New Republic Era. Dark Empire. Crimson Empire. New Jedi Order.

How do I start reading Star Wars comics?

Star Wars Comics – Where to Start? –

Are the Star Wars comics worth reading?

If you’re overwhelmed and looking for a good place to start with Star Wars comics, this list is for you! All that means is that only the books/media published after April 24, 2014 are considered actual Star Wars lore. Which isn’t to say that the old EU stuff isn’t worth a read! It definitely is.

Are Star Wars comics canon?

The canon includes all the series in this article (Marvel Comics on Wookieepedia) released from 2015 and the Darth Maul : Son of Dathomir story. Star Wars Saga* on Star Wars Books, which lists all canon material. They also have a very handy timeline.