Marvel Comics The Punisher Value?

Are Punisher comics worth anything?

The single most valuable Punisher comic is his first appearance, in Amazing Spider-Man 129.

Amazing Spider-Man 135 (2nd full appearance Punisher).

Copies of this (same grade) can sell for up to $1,000.00 or more.

How much is the first appearance of the Punisher worth?

While his first appearance won’t set you back as expensively as a first appearance of the Punisher would, a Near Mint Luke Cage #1 is currently valued at over $500. In lower grades, the issue is even cheaper, which makes it good investment material.

How much is the Punisher?

Well, he’s not above Punishment. Cover price $0.75.

What is the first Punisher comic?

Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance The Amazing Spider-Man #129 (February 1974)
Created by Gerry Conway John Romita Sr. Ross Andru
In-story information

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