King Ezekiel The Walking Dead Comics?

How does King Ezekiel die in the comics?

In The Walking Dead season 10, episode 5, Ezekiel talked to Siddiq (Avi Nash), and revealed that he has thyroid cancer. According to Ezekiel, it’s hereditary, so he’s not surprised that he has it.

What’s wrong with King Ezekiel?

Near the beginning of the episode, Ezekiel (Khary Payton) can be seen coughing and, later on, when Siddiq (Avi Nash) questions him about his illness, he removes a scarf from around his neck to reveal a large lump. He has thyroid cancer. Siddiq asks him how long he has known about it for and Ezekiel replies: “A month.”

What happens to King Ezekiel in the walking dead?

In the latest episode, titled What It Always Is, Ezekiel (played by Khary Payton) removed his scarf to reveal he’s been hiding a large lump for the past month – and he has thyroid cancer.

Does King Ezekiel die in The Walking Dead show?


Did Shiva die?

For one thing, Ezekiel is on his own when Shiva dies in The Walking Dead #118. Both the show and the comics kill the king’s allies in the same devastating manner, ripped to pieces with Gatling gunfire.

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