In The Walking Dead Comics Does Carl Die?

Few places in the AMC show is this felt more by fans than the moment young Carl, son of Rick Grimes, dies.

Carl survives the comic book, going all the way to the final issue, despite the fact that he died in the show in the season eight finale.

How does Carl die in The Walking Dead?

In a heartbreaking moment, Rick and Michonne are sown outside the sewer as a gunshot goes off, confirmed Carl had killed himself. The cause of Carl’s death was, therefore, suicide although some TWD fans blame Siddiq for it.

How does Carl die in the comic books?

In “Miles Behind Us,” Carl is shot by Otis. Though he nearly dies, he eventually makes a full recovery. After his group travels from Hershel Greene’s farm to the prison, he starts to crave a bit more independence.

How did Walking Dead comics end?

When the television series premiered in October 2010, Image Comics announced The Walking Dead Weekly. Kirkman opted to end the comic on his own terms; he stated in his letter in issue #193 that part of the reason to end was that he feared he lacked material to continue the series for several more issues.