How To Buy Comics On Comixology App?

How do you get comics on comiXology?

In the original Comics app, log into your comiXology account.

Sync your in-app purchases to your comiXology account by tapping the Restore button on the Purchases tab.

Download the new comiXology app.

This will be your new home downloading and reading comics.

Can I add my own comics to comiXology?

Kindle Graphic Novels and Comics can be imported into ComiXology. Comixology has announced that they are now supporting your Kindle comics and graphic novels. You can now sign into their updated Android, iOS or Fire OS app with your Amazon user credentials and it will automatically sync all of your purchases.

How do you get free comics on comiXology?

Comixology Unlimited: All You Can Read Comics! –

Does comiXology sell physical comics?

Big news today in the comics publishing world: Amazon has purchased Comixology, the largest retailer of digital comics. Amazon is certainly already competing with brick and mortar comic book stores; they sell both physical comics (often with sizable discounts on trade paperbacks) and Kindle editions of comic books.