How Long Is Negan In The Comics?

Is Negan alive in comics?

In the final issue, 20 years later, it is revealed that Negan is still alive.

He avoids all contact with the other survivors, living on food parcels left by Carl and maintaining a state of mourning for his wife Lucille.

Who let Negan out of his cell in the comics?

It was Carol who let Negan out of his cell earlier on season 10. On season 10, episode four, Negan is blamed for the death of someone in Alexandria who was attacking Lydia. Negan says it was an accident, and he’s locked up in his cell as others decide whether he should be killed.

Will Negan betray the whisperers?

After fleeing Alexandria, Negan infiltrated The Whisperers and managed to gain the trust of Alpha (Samantha Morton). In the Robert Kirkman comics upon which the show is based, this culminates in him betraying the masked faction and decapitating Alpha.

Does Negan kill beta in the comics?

Comic book series

Upon arriving at the Whisperers’ camp, he confronts Negan for lying and attempts to kill him; however, Beta is thwarted by Alpha. He eventually fights Negan in order to get revenge for Alpha’s death, but is injured after Negan bashes “Lucille” on his back several times.