God Of Speed Dc Comics?

Who is the god of speed?


Who is faster flash or Godspeed?

Godspeed was the fastest speedster among all of the speedsters that has ever lived. But he was captured by Flash and Wally. After he came back from the speed force, he was much faster than he has ever been. So ultimately, Godspeed was fastest at his time but Wally became fastest after the time of Godspeed.

Is Godspeed a villain?

August Heart, also known as Godspeed, is the titular main antagonist of the Season 5 episode “Godspeed” from the CW TV series The Flash. He is a former Mercury Labs intern from the year 2049 who then secretly operated as a villainous speedster who gained his powers from the recreated Velocity-9 drug.

How does the Flash beat Godspeed?

As The Flash attempts to fight Godspeed, Godspeed reveals how his speed has increased and what happened to the other speedsters: He pulled the Speed Force from them and killed them! Though he is able to now split himself and be in two places at once, the physical reality of dividing the Speed Force is painful.