Father Gabriel Walking Dead Comics?

Gabriel Stokes (The Walking Dead)


Gabriel Stokes

The Walking Dead character
Gabriel Stokes, as he appears in the comic book series (left) and as portrayed by Seth Gilliam in the television series (right).
First appearance Comic: “Issue #61” (2009) Television: “Strangers” (2014)
Last appearance Comic: “Issue #158” (2016)

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Is Father Gabriel dead on walking dead?


How old is Gabriel in The Walking Dead?

Gabriel Stokes

“Father” Gabriel Stokes
Portrayed By Seth Gilliam
Status Alive
Age Early 40s
Current Partner Rosita Espinosa

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Does Father Gabriel die in Season 8?

The Walking Dead has revealed whether Father Gabriel survived after becoming infected from walker innards. Last time we saw him was in the midseason finale as Eugene helped him escape from the Sanctuary with Dr Carson, and the next season eight episode ‘Dead or Alive Or’ will catch up with Father Gabriel.

How does Gabe die in The Walking Dead?

In the comic books, Gabriel is killed while on look-out duty in Alexandria. In the original source, his death is rather gruesome, with his stomach being cut open by Beta.