Does Iron Man Die In Comics?

Who kills Iron Man in the comics?

One of the more convoluted times Stark met his demise was during Avengers’ The Crossing arc. In the book, an older Tony Stark has been turned into a sleeper agent by Kang the Conqueror. He murdered a slew of people, including Yellowjacket.

Does Iron Man come back to life in comics?

Every time Iron Man died in the comics. Of course, unlike the rest of us, they always come back to life, and occasionally do the whole death-and-resurrection thing two or three more times.

How does Iron Man Die in Marvel Comics?

1989 — Iron Man Vol.

Shot by a former girlfriend, Tony ends up getting spinal damage. After trying to reverse the injury with implant chips, he puts himself into cryogenic stasis, convincing his friends that he was dead after making final arrangements.

Who killed Thanos in comic?

Adam Warlock