Dc Comics Rebirth Reading Order?

Can I start reading DC rebirth?

DC Rebirth is designed as the logical starting place for new DC readers, and although it’s more indebted to the New 52 than DC would like to admit, it’s new reader friendly enough for most. To get started with DC Rebirth you have a couple options. First, you could check out my full DC Rebirth universe reading order.

How many DC rebirth comics are there?

REBIRTH Continues Here! ( 20 Items)

  • DC Universe: Rebirth (2016) Issue #1. $2.99.
  • The Flash: Rebirth (2016) Issue #1. $2.99.
  • Titans: Rebirth (2016) Issue #1. $2.99.
  • Batman: Rebirth (2016) Issue #1.
  • Batman (2016-) Issue #1.
  • Detective Comics (2016-) Issue #934.
  • Wonder Woman: Rebirth (2016) Issue #1.
  • Superman: Rebirth (2016) Issue #1.

In what order should I read the new 52?


  1. Justice League Origins.
  2. Meet the New 52.
  3. Meet the Superman Family.
  4. Flashback / Before Modern Day.
  5. Meet the Bat Family.
  6. The Culling Reading Order.
  7. Meet the Green Lantern Corps.
  8. New 52 Year One Continued.

Is Detective Comics Rebirth good?

Is Detective Comics Rebirth any good? Yes it is among the most consistent reads ive had in rebirth this last arc wasn’t tybion and the art teams best but overall still fine. It’s consistently the better of the two Batman books but the ending of the recent arc left an awful lot to be desired.

What is the current Batman comic?

Ongoing series

hideTitle Issues Final cover date
Detective Comics volume 3 #934 – present
Batgirl volume 5 #1 – present
Nightwing volume 4
All-Star Batman #1 – 14 October 2017
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91 more rows

When did DC rebirth end?

It also saw many of its titles move to a twice-monthly release schedule, along with being released at US$2.99. DC Comics ended the Rebirth branding in December 2017, opting to include everything under a larger “DC Universe” banner and naming.

Are there three jokers?

Batman: Three Jokers is a 3-issue, 48-page (per issue) prestige format limited series and will carry DC’s “Black Label” content descriptor (for readers 17+). Issue #1 arrives in comic book stores and participating digital retailers on June 17, 2020.

What’s the difference between new 52 and rebirth?

What’s the difference between New 52 and DC Rebirth? Rebirth is a continuation of New 52, so they’re set in the same universe. The basic concept for Rebirth is “10 years was stolen, and we need to get it back.” So everything in the New 52 is still canon but they’ve found a way to change and bring back some older stuff.

How did the new 52 start?

So Didio, Jim Lee and Geoff Johns created The New 52. A hard line reboot for all their characters, EXCEPT Green Lantern (whom Johns was working on) and Batman + his line (which at the time was scribed by Grant Morrison). The idea was to start fresh with 52 new #1’s, as a jumping on point for new readers.