Daryl The Walking Dead Comics?

Daryl Dixon is a fictional character from AMC’s horror drama series The Walking Dead.

The character was created for the television series by writers Frank Darabont, Charles H.

Eglee and Jack LoGiudice specifically for Norman Reedus, and does not have a counterpart in the comics on which the series is based.

Who killed Daryl in The Walking Dead comics?

With that in mind, how can the comic set up his death in the upcoming season 10 of the show? In issue number 191 of the Kirkman comics, Grimes was shot in the chest by Sebastian Milton, marking what was mostly likely the end of his life, Comicbook reports.

Will Daryl ever have a love interest?

Daryl has never had a true love interest in the series, not really, anyway. It got to the point where fans wondered if his sexuality was being suppressed, and eventually it would be revealed that Daryl was gay, which actor Norman Reedus said he would be totally open to.

Does Daryl die on walking dead?


Is Daryl Dixon asexual?

In 2014, “The Walking Dead” comic creator Robert Kirkman said on the series’ aftershow “Talking Dead,” the character is somewhat asexual. “Daryl Dixon is being somewhat asexual on the show,” said Kirkman in 2014. “I think that he’s a very introverted character and I think that’s somewhat his appeal.”