Are They Still Making Walking Dead Comics?

How does TWD comic book end?

In the show’s version of events, Carl is dead and Rick is far away, albeit set to make some kind of return in a series of movies for AMC. The entire Walking Dead comic book finale hinges on Rick having died a martyr, paving the way for a pseudo-utopia.

Are The Walking Dead comics good?

Very good. Much more violent than the series. The graphics are really good. And the series follows the comics to a certain degree but there are many differences and certain characters that were killed off seasons ago are still alive and well in the comics.

Is The Walking Dead series over?

A stylized letter F. AMC will no longer air “The Walking Dead” season 10 finale on Sunday, April 12. In a release sent to Insider, the network announced “current events” have made it impossible to complete post-production on the finale. The current season will now end with season 10, episode 15 on Sunday, April 5.