Amory Wars Comics Complete Set?

How many Amory Wars comics are there?

The Amory Wars
Format (Vol.

1) 10 Issues (Vol.

2) 12 Issues (Vol.

3) 10 Issues


of issues

Creative team
Written by Claudio Sanchez

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What is the order of the Amory Wars books?

The Machete order of The Amory Wars. It goes Afterman Ascension, Descension, Year of the Black Rainbow, Second Stage, In Keeping Secrets, Good Apollo. Afterman you can find in pdf form online.

How does the Amory Wars end?

Called Ten Speed of God’s Blood and Burial, the bike speaks to the Writer and tells him that he can end the story of The Amory Wars by killing Ambellina which will make Kilgannon recognize that he is The Crowing and end the story by destroying the Keywork.

How did Coheed and Cambria get their name?

1. The band’s name derives from a series science fiction comics written by frontman Claudio Sanchez titled The Amory Wars. Coheed and Cambria are the first names of the story’s two heroes, whose story is used as a narrative for each of the group’s albums. They chose the name during a 1998 trip to Paris.