All Walking Dead Comics For Sale?

How many Walking Dead comics are there?

The Walking Dead (comic book)

The Walking Dead
Genre Post-apocalyptic
Publication date October 2003 – July 2019

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Creative team

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Are Walking Dead comics worth money?

Walking Dead Comic #1 In-Depth Value Guide

The AMC hit series has made Walking Dead #1 the most valuable comic book of the modern age, with record sales in five figures and climbing. Most books on the market are in the CGC 9.8 to 8.0 range. We strongly recommend against putting money into this book at this point.

How much are Walking Dead comics?

Values of Walking Dead, The | | Free Comic Book Price Guide. 2003-2019 | Modern Age | $3.99 Special Edition (2008)Special Edition (200

How much is the first issue of The Walking Dead worth?

‘The Walking Dead’ No. 1 Sells for $10,000 on eBay. In March, a copy of the series’ first issue sold for $7,000, while a year earlier another went for $2,500.