Wonder Woman Golden Eagle Armor Comics?

What is Wonder Woman Golden Eagle armor?

Diana trades her traditional red-white-and-blue battle gear for something with a bit more gleam: golden armor that comes with a helmet in the likeness of the eagle that emblazons her belt and gigantic metallic wings that allow her to pierce the sky.

What is Golden Eagle armor?

The Golden Eagle armor means war

Diana’s character is well-known for being a peacemaker and a rational voice, even when her comrades are quarreling with each other. In Kingdom Come, however, she dons the armor as a statement of all-out war, believing the time for diplomacy and gentler measures has passed.

What is Wonder Woman’s armor made of?

The armor consists of a red-and-gold breastplate bearing a golden eagle, a matching gold belt, a dark blue leather skirt, knee-high armored combat boots and indestructible bracelets.

Why did they change Wonder Woman costume?

As Wonder Woman progressed through the cultural shifts of the 1950s and 1960s, so too did her costume change to reflect the times. Most noticeable was the shift to tighter, shorter outfits, with her skirt giving way to the form-fitting underpants common among other heroes like Superman and Batman.