Where To Start Spiderman Comics?

Which Spiderman comic should I read first?

Ultimate Universe (Universe-1610)

Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #1 – This is the first ever issue of the Ultimate universe.

It’s a great starting point into both comic books and Spider-Man since it is such a clean start.

How much does the first Spiderman comic book cost?

A copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of Marvel Comics’ web-crawling super-hero from 1963, has sold for $1.1 million in auction, beating Detective Comics #27, Batman’s first appearance from 1939, to become the second most expensive comic ever sold (Suitably, Superman’s first appearance in 1938’s Action

How do you read Spiderman comics?

Where to Start Reading Spider-Man! –

How old does Spiderman get in the comics?

In the core Spider-Man universe still currently published around the title Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker was 17 when first introduced in 1962. Using 2011 as a benchmark, simply adding the years in between would make him 66!