Where Can I Buy Archie Comics?

Can you still buy Archie Comics?

Archie Comics are now on sale at Walmart stores in the United States!

Archie Comics digests are available now for the first time at your local Walmart and we want you to help spread the word!

Are Archie comics worth anything?

A 3.0 sold for $21,800 in August 2018; a 4.0 sold for $35,500 in March 2018. According to Overstreet, Archie Comics #2 is a rare comic book. First love triangle story between Archie, Betty and Veronica.

Who does Archie marry in the comics?


What is the first Archie comic called?

Archie (also known as Archie Comics) is an ongoing comic book series featuring the Archie Comics character Archie Andrews. The character first appeared in Pep Comics #22 (cover dated December 1941).