Walking Dead Tv Vs Comics?

Are The Walking Dead comics better than the show?

Actually both Walking dead show and comics are good, but story is little bit altered in the show and is not followed word by word, some characters which are dead in comics are still alive in show but this create an element of suspense so no one can tell what’s going to happen next in show even if they have read all the

Are The Walking Dead comics different than the show?

Carl Grimes

However, his story is one of the biggest differences in The Walking Dead comic and show. Though Carl recently died in the television show he is still kicking in the comic book. He has not had a lot of focus in the comic recently, but he is featured on one of the upcoming covers.

Does The Walking Dead show follow the comics?

The series was adapted into the AMC television series The Walking Dead, which premiered in 2010. The television program loosely follows the storyline of the comic book.

Is Daryl in the comics Walking Dead?

Daryl Dixon is a fictional character from AMC’s horror drama series The Walking Dead. The character was created for the television series by writers Frank Darabont, Charles H. Eglee and Jack LoGiudice specifically for Norman Reedus, and does not have a counterpart in the comics on which the series is based.