Uncanny X Men Comics Price Guide?

How much is the Uncanny X Men comic book worth?

With Jonathan Hickman set to take over the reins of Marvel’s mutants, a lot of fans have probably looked back at their collection of comics to see which issues of Uncanny X-Men were worth the 12 to 25 cents they originally cost.

Are X Men comics worth anything?

Anything in top comic grades is worth serious money: certainly hundreds, and occasionally a couple of thousand, dollars. However, there are two 1970s X-Men comics that are worth much more than the issues around them.

How many issues of Uncanny X Men are there?

It lasted 36 issues, with the final issue reverting to the legacy numbering of Uncanny X-Men (vol.

What is Wolverine #1 worth?

There’s no doubting the headline nature of, say, Wolverine #1 from 1988 selling for $17,000.