Thanos Vs Captain America Comics?

Is Captain America stronger than Thanos?

Thanos in the comics, at base level (without the Gems), is thousands of times stronger than Cap.

He is an Eternal of Titan, actually the strongest of them.

An average citizen of Titan is exponentially stronger than any human.

Thanos is the strongest of them all.

How does Thanos kill Captain America in the comics?

In the comics yes. Thanos kills Cap with a backhand slap, the same one that was powerful enough to break his vibranium shield. In the movie no. However he did get knocked out cold by a single full-swing punch.

Could Captain America beat Thanos?

Unlike Thor, Hulk, and Captain Marvel, Steve Rogers is someone who can’t win his battles by brute strength alone. In the end, Captain America isn’t able to beat Thanos, despite his best efforts.

Why did Thanos look at Captain America?

Because Thanos was trying not to hurt him. He only looked at Captain for a minute like that because he found something interesting in Captain America; and maybe he was a bit surprised by how strong or determined Steve was. Rather like how an adult person can get surprised while playing with a kitten.