How To Read Lezhin Comics For Free?

Are Lezhin comics free?

for FREE with WUF! every 3, 6, 12, or 24 hours.

Do you have to pay for Lezhin comics?

Last month, over 100 creators and supporters gathered outside the headquarters of Korean webtoon company Lezhin Comics to protest the unfair treatment they’ve received. Under Lezhin’s model, comics are made free after a set time period; if readers wished to read new installments sooner, they needed to pay.

How do you get points on Lezhin comics?

You can earn more Points by using the ‘unlock all’ feature.

Depending on how many episodes you unlock, you’ll earn 20P, 50P, 100P, or 150P maximum!

  • Unlock 4 to 9 episodes: Earn 20 Points!
  • Unlock 10 to 19 episodes: Earn 50 Points!
  • Unlock 20 to 29 episodes: Earn 100 Points!
  • Unlock 30 episodes or more: Earn 150 Points!

How much does Lezhin cost?

Top In-App Purchases

Title Price
20 Coins $4.99
23 코인 $3.99
42 Coins $9.99
65 코인 $9.99

6 more rows

Do Webtoon creators get paid?

The short of it is that LINE Webtoon doesn’t pay the general artists who submit their work there. These Featured Creators receive a guaranteed payment of $2,000 /month and, on top of that, additional payment in accordance with how many views their work gets. That’s the general gist of it.

Do Webtoon artists get paid?

First, Webtoon artists receive a fee from the platform. Since the platform earns advertising revenue by free users, the revenue is distributed to writers. In addition, income is earned from royalties from paper books(if they published), copyright fees for secondary works (games, novels, etc.)

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Does Webtoon own your comic?

Publishing on WEBTOON Canvas

Canvas is our self-publishing platform, where you can publish your own comics. When you post on WEBTOON Canvas, you will always keep ownership over your work.

How do I start Webtoon?


How do I make a Webtoon?

How to make a webtoon – 5 tips to get started –