How To Read All Marvel Comics?

How long would it take to read all the Marvel Comics?

How long would it take to read EVERY Marvel comic?

Assuming there are 37,000 comics published to date and on average it took you about 15 minutes to read a comic, if you read 8 hours a day, every day, then it would take you 1,156 days to finish them all.

How do I start reading Marvel comics?

How to Start Reading Marvel/DC Comics! –

Is it possible to read all Marvel Comics?

The first issue of The Official Index To The Marvel Universe suggests that there are 32,000 comics in the last 70 years. Let say you spend 15 minutes reading one comic book; it would take you 480,000 minutes or 8000 hours or 333 days reading non-stop to finish all of them, theoretically speaking.

How many Marvel comics are there total?

Good question, though, Blackk! The first issue of The Official Index To The Marvel Universe suggests 32,000 comics in the last 70 years.

What comes after Secretwars?

All-New, All-Different Marvel (ANADM) is a 2015–2019 branding for Marvel Comics’ entire main line of comics. Taking place after the crossover storyline “Secret Wars”, it details the new Marvel Universe, with nearly 60–65 titles relaunched with first issues, with a total of 76 issues.

How do you read comics?

Read Western (American) comic pages page from left to right, top to bottom. Start with the panel on the top, leftmost area of the page. Read each dialogue bubble from left to right, starting with the leftmost panel and moving your eyes to any dialogue featured on the bottom or right of the panel.

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Where can I read comics?

12 Sites to Read Comics Online for Free

  • ComiXology. ComiXology is a very popular digital comics portal.
  • Amazon Kindle Store. Amazon Kindle Store is now the largest digital reading gallery on the web.
  • Marvel’s Official Site.
  • Read DC.
  • Digital Comic Museum.
  • DriveThruComics.
  • Comic Book Plus.
  • Newsarama.

Where do I start in comics?

Now that we have that covered, let’s start with what comics you should start with if you want to start reading.

  1. Marvel / ‘Ultimate’ Marvel[10] Good ol’ Marvel Comics or Marvel Publishing, if you will.
  2. Spiderman[1]
  3. Hulk[2]
  4. Avengers[3]
  5. DC Comics[11]
  6. Batman[4]
  7. Superman[5]
  8. Green Lantern[6]

What comics should I read?

With that in mind, here’s 10 comics everybody should absolutely read.

  • Sandman. Image: Vertigo Comics.
  • Chew. Image: Image Comics.
  • Transmetropolitan. Image: Vertigo Comics.
  • Ms Marvel. Image: Marvel Comics.
  • The Wicked And The Divine. Image: Image Comics.
  • Kingdom Come. Image: DC Comics.
  • Saga.
  • The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.