How To Get Comics Graded?

How much does it cost to have a comic book graded?


Grading Service Notes Price Per Book
Standard Maximum value of $1,000 per book $65
Modern Limited to books published 1975 to the present.

Maximum value of $200 per book

Modern Fast Track FastTrack reduces its corresponding tiers turnaround time. $30
Economy Maximum value of $400 per book $38

6 more rows

How do I get my comics CGC graded?

Follow the steps below to submit to CGC and CCS.

  • Become. a Member. Join CGC to get direct submission privileges, 24/7 order tracking and more. Join Now.
  • Select a. Grading Tier. Choose a tier based on comic value and turnaround time. Select additional services that apply.
  • Submit. Your Comics. Fill out the CGC submission form.

Is it worth getting comics graded?

But as a rule of thumb, as I’m deciding which comics to submit for grading I always estimate the true cost of having a Modern Tier comic being graded by CGC to be $25.


Item Cost Notes
True Cost / Book $25.23 $126.15 / 5 comics

6 more rows

What is the rarest comic book in the world?

An original copy of the Action Comics #1 that initially cost 10 cents and introduced Earth to Superman became the world’s most expensive comic book Sunday when it raked in $3.2 million on eBay.

Is collecting comic books worth it?

As a general rule, most comic books will go up in value. A true “investor” in comics will also need a bit of detachment from their collection. I have comics that are worth some money and others that are worth not much at all, but I wouldn’t trade or sell them for anything because of their emotional value to me.

How can you tell if a comic book is worth money?

The easiest way to determine if your comics fall into the “good” category is by looking at the cover price. Almost all comic books have the retail cover price at the time of publication on the cover. The valuable ones will have 10c, 12c, 15c, 20c, or 25c on the cover.

What is the highest grade for a comic book?

Comic Grading Tutorial

10 Point Grading Scale
10.0 GM Gem Mint
9.9 MT Mint
9.8 NM/MT Near Mint/Mint
9.6 NM+ Near Mint+

21 more rows

What number is an A grade?

The 4.0 Scale

Percent Grade Letter Grade 4.0 Scale
87-89 B+ 3.3
83-86 B 3.0
80-82 B- 2.7
77-79 C+ 2.3

8 more rows

How do you restore a comic book?

Easy steps on how to restore your comic books

  1. Wipe your comics.
  2. Carefully remove damaged and rusty staples using a staple remover or a straight pin.
  3. Using a soft white eraser gently rid of the smudges from the pages of your comic book.
  4. Repair tears and holes with a rice paper.

Should I slab my comics?

There are great reasons to slab a comic (slabbing is slang for getting a comic professionally graded and encased in an un-openable hard plastic shell from CGC, PGX, or CBCS). If you’re purely interested in protecting your comics, mylar and acid free boards will protect the books just fine.

What is comic book pressing?

Pressing. Pressing is a process that can enhance the appearance of a comic book by removing non-color breaking defects such as dents, bends, crunches, rippling, warping, spine rolls and indentations. CCS is the industry leader in comic book pressing.

When did CGC start grading comics?