How Many Superman Comics Are There?

Action Comics alone is approach 1000 issues.

Superman has often supported 3 regular ongoings and any number of mini series or special issues.

Then add in any guest appearance and team appearance books.

It actually probably more like 2–3000 unique comics with Superman in them somewhere.

How many Superman #1 comic books are there?

After Action Comics #1, and Detective Comics #27 (the origin and first appearance of Batman), probably the most famous comic in the world is Superman #1 (You could make a case for Batman #1 too.) This is also a very rare Superman comic book. Only 52 have been graded by CGC (plus 82 restored copies).

Are Superman comics still being made?

In June 2016, DC Comics relaunched its entire line of comic books series with DC Rebirth, including both the Action Comics and Superman series. The Superman of the New 52 reality lives with his wife Lois Lane of his reality and their biological son Jonathan Kent.

What is the latest Superman comic?

Share All sharing options for: Superman #18 is Clark Kent’s coming out story. DC Comics promised that this December, Superman would tell the world that he was Clark Kent, ditching the original secret identity in superhero comics. This week, Superman #18 did as promised, in a big press conference and a heartfelt speech.

How many action comics are there?

It is widely considered to be both the beginning of the superhero genre and the most valuable comic book in the world. Action Comics would go on to run for 904 numbered issues (plus additional out-of-sequence special issues) before it restarted its numbering in the fall of 2011.