How Many Comics Fit In A Short Box?

How much does a short box of comics weigh?

Short boxes can comfortably hold around 120 bagged and boarded comics when full, and weigh in at about 25 pounds.

How much is a long box of comics worth?

The usual price is $50-$100 per box, depending on the age, and quality of the material. Even at $100 a long box, your per unit cost is still under 35 cents per comic.

How high can you stack comic boxes?

Traditionally, we stack them in a length of the comic book box, and we go up. This is not a problem. However, with the weight of the comic books inside, most of your manufacturers recommend you don’t go any higher than four, because the weight of the comic books and the boxes begin to crush that bottom box.

How do you fold a comic short box?

How To Assemble A Comic Book Short Box –