How Does Lori Die In The Comics?

How did Lori and Judith die in the comics?

Lori was running from gunfire while holding Judith when Woodbury resident Lilly Caul shot her in the back, causing her lifeless body to fall and suffocate Judith to death.

How does Judith die in the comics?

During the Governor’s final attack on the prison, Lori Grimes tries to flee the prison with Judith in her arms, but is fatally shot by Lilly Caul on the orders of the Governor, Lori falls killing Judith in the process.

What killed Lori Walking Dead?

After suffering major blood loss from a c section birth carl shot her in the head to stop her from turning into a walker. Lori is shot (and died immediately after) whilst making an attempt to escape the prison.

How does Lori’s baby die?

“Killer Within” Judith is successfully delivered via an emergency cesarean section by Maggie Greene, though this results in Lori’s death due to blood loss and shock. Judith, in the few minutes after she is born, is silent. She is quickly awakened by a few quick, light taps on the back from Maggie.