Does Thanos Die In The Comics?

Who killed Thanos in the comics?

Adam Warlock

Does Thanos die in comic books?

As with most characters featured in comic books, he has “died”, but he always returns.

Does Thanos die in endgame?

Thanos (20)

Thanos actually dies twice in Endgame. First, he’s beheaded by Thor after revealing that he’d destroyed the Infinity Stones, thus denying Earth’s Mightiest Heroes an easier path to bringing back the Vanished.

Is Thanos ever killed?

In Avengers: Endgame, three weeks after eliminating half of all life, Thanos is ambushed and killed by the surviving Avengers on his farm. Later in the film, a past version of Thanos travels through time and attempts to stop the Avengers from reversing his future actions.