Does Andrea Die In The Walking Dead Comics?

How did Andrea die in The Walking Dead comics?

Ultimately, Andrea died in issue #167. Ironically enough, she had been bitten in her neck (the same fate as TV Andrea) during the Whisperer War and would succumb to the zombie virus. In The Walking Dead comics, Morgan died in issue #83.

What episode did Andrea die in The Walking Dead?

Welcome to the Tombs

Does Judith die in The Walking Dead comics?

Sadly, TV Carl died in Season 8, but Judith appears to be taking on elements of his comic story. Judith is nine years old (slightly younger than approx. 13-year-old Comic Carl) but she’s definitely not your average kid.

What season does Andrea die in TWD?

Welcome to the Tombs

“Welcome to the Tombs”
The Walking Dead episode
The remaining citizens of Woodbury are brought back to the prison after Andrea opts to kill herself.
Episode no. Season 3 Episode 16
Directed by Ernest Dickerson

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