Did Wolverine Die In The Comics?

How does Wolverine die in comics?

Yes, the actual comic is about that complicated. Cause of death: Suffocated by a vat of adamantium being poured over him. After losing his healing power, Wolverine confronts the director of the Weapon X program that gave him his adamantium bones. As it hardens around him, he dies … and, to this day, remains dead.

How many times has Wolverine died in the comics?

8 Times Wolverine Died In The Comics. He’s the best there is at what he does.

Did Wolverine come back to life?

Return of Wolverine. Return of Wolverine is a comic book miniseries published by Marvel Comics. This miniseries will follow up on the events that transpired in the “Death of Wolverine” and “Hunt for Wolverine” storylines and explain how Wolverine returned from the dead.

Did Wolverine die in Logan?

In other media

The Death of Wolverine served as one of the two “Wolverine” storylines alongside Old Man Logan as the main sources of inspiration for the 2017 film Logan. While featuring an original premise, the death of the titular character was taken from The Death of Wolverine.