Dc Comics Chronological Reading Order?

What order should I read the DC rebirth comics?

DC Rebirth Reading Order

  • DC Rebirth Omnibus.
  • Titans, Volume 1: The Return of Wally West.
  • The Flash, Volume 1: Lightning Strikes Twice.
  • Superman Action Comics, Volume 1: Path of Doom.
  • Superman, Volume 1: Son of Superman.
  • Green Arrow, Volume 1: The Life and Death of Oliver Queen.
  • Green Lantern, Volume 1: Rage Planet.

In what order should I read the new 52?


  1. Justice League Origins.
  2. Meet the New 52.
  3. Meet the Superman Family.
  4. Flashback / Before Modern Day.
  5. Meet the Bat Family.
  6. The Culling Reading Order.
  7. Meet the Green Lantern Corps.
  8. New 52 Year One Continued.

What order do you read the Flash comics?

  • Read The Flash: Dead Heat here.
  • The Flash: Iron Heights #1 (2001)
  • The Flash: Rebirth #1 (2009) The Flash: Rebirth #2. The Flash: Rebirth #3. The Flash: Rebirth #4.
  • The Flash Secret Files & Origins 2010 #1 (2010)
  • Read Flashpoint here.
  • Read Forever Evil here.
  • The Flash: Futures End #1 (2014)
  • DC Universe: Rebirth #1 (2016)

What is the DC timeline?

The following official timeline is divided in four ages: The Heroic Age: The arrival of Superman on Earth before Wonder Woman appearing during World War II. The Space Age: The public appearance of Superman. The Age of Crisis: The events of several “Crises” around the Multiverse.