Avatar The Last Airbender Comics Order?

Each of them is a trilogy consisting of three 80 page paperback books:

  • Promise.
  • The Search.
  • The Rift.
  • Smoke and Shadow.
  • North and South.
  • Imbalance (2nd and 3rd part are yet to be released)
  • Team Avatar Tales (not yet released, releasing in January 2019)

How many Avatar The Last Airbender comics are there?


How many books are in the Avatar series?

22 book

Are the Avatar the Last Airbender comics canon?

The Last Airbender comics

All but two of these (Gym Time and New Recruits) are considered canon. This is because they are all publications endorsed by Nickelodeon. New Recruit is listed as a ‘bonus story’ which is what casts doubts on it’s canonicity, as well as the characters being fan created.

Is imbalance the last Avatar comic?

Imbalance is the first Avatar: The Last Airbender comic trilogy written by Faith Erin Hicks and illustrated by Peter Wartman.