Are Rick And Morty Comics Canon?

So they are canon, but you are seeing the story of a different Rick and Morty.

(If you want to blow your mind a bit, you could realize that the Rick and Morty from the pilot may not necessarily be the same Rick and Morty from the last episode of season 1, because they didn’t mention C-137 until later in the season.)

Is Rick and Morty a comic book?

Rick and Morty is a comic series published by Oni Press, based on the TV series and written by Zac Gorman. Each issue includes a main story (usually unnamed) as well as a back-up comic.

How many Rick and Morty comic books are there?

2 Books

What universe is Rick from?

Dimension C-132 is one of the many universes in the multiverse and was the universe in which the Rick and Morty of the first two volumes of the Rick and Morty comic series have been said to be from, which is separate from the mainstream Rick and Morty, who are from Dimension C-137.

What number is Rick?