Action Comics 1 For Sale?

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What is the value of Action Comics Number 1?

1 sells for $3.21 million. The Man of Steel is more valuable than ever. A pristine copy of Action Comics No. 1, the first appearance of Superman in 1938, sold for a record $3,207,852 Sunday in an auction on eBay.

How many copies of Action Comics exist?

100 copies

How much is the 1st Superman comic worth?

The inaugural issue of Action Comics marked the first appearance of Superman and helped kick off the superhero genre. In 2014, a pristine issue of the 1938 comic, with its original price of 10 cents still on the cover, sold on eBay for $3.2 million, making it the most valuable comic book of all time.

What is the most ever paid for a comic book?

ComicConnect sale represents one of the highest prices ever paid for a comic book. A copy of Action Comics #1, graded CGC 8.5 by Certified Guaranty Company (CGC), has been sold for one of the highest prices ever paid for a comic book: just over $2 million.

What is Batman number 1 worth?

It’s true. This rare copy of Detective Comics from 1939 sold for more than $1 million – making it one of the most valuable comics books ever!

Who was the first superhero?

The earliest superhero I could find reference to was Mandrake the Magician, who debuted in 1934, four years before Superman, who was probably the first popular superhero. Mandrake’s super power was his ability to “make people believe anything, simply by gesturing hypnotically”.

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What is the rarest comic book?

An original copy of the Action Comics #1 that initially cost 10 cents and introduced Earth to Superman became the world’s most expensive comic book Sunday when it raked in $3.2 million on eBay.

What is the rarest Marvel comic book?

Here are the Thirty Most Valuable Marvel Comics Of All Time.

  • 1 Amazing Fantasy # 15 (1962) $1.1 Million.
  • 2 Marvel Comics # 1 (1939) $567,000.
  • 3 X-Men # 1 (1963) $492,000.
  • 4 Marvel Mystery Comics 128 Page Special Variant (1942) $482,000.
  • 5 Tales Of Suspense #39 (1963) $375,000.
  • 6 Captain America Comics # 1 (1941) $343,000.

What is Lois Lane’s real name?

Noel Neill