Wonder Woman Comics In Order?

Reading Order

  • Alternate Starting Point: Wonder Woman Vol. 3 #1.
  • Legend of Wonder Woman #1 (1986) Legend of Wonder Woman #2.
  • Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia #1 (2002)
  • Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity #1 (2003) Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity #2.
  • Wonder Woman Vol.
  • Wonder Woman Vol.
  • Wonder Woman Vol.
  • Read Superman: Doomed here.

Wonder Woman Reading Order – Comic Book Reading Orders

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How many Wonder Woman comics are there?


What Wonder Woman comic should I start with?

I suggest new readers start with reading her origin story issues first, which you can get as a single book called Wonder Woman Vol. 2: Year One. This run is only a year old, so once you catch up you can easily pick up new issues as they are released at your friendly local comic shop or digitally!

How old is Wonder Woman in the comics?

So according to this timeline, Wonder Woman was “born” around 200 B.C making her over two thousand years old! In the latest story arc, Diana is the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta, but the timeline is similar. All the Amazons are immortal, but Diana is the only demi-goddess.

What is Wonder Woman’s name?

Princess Diana

Who was the first female superhero?

1940 Fantomah/Woman in Red

Two comic-book characters have a claim to being the first female superhero. Fantomah was the first female superhero with superhuman powers to appear in print, in Jungle Comics #2 (Feb 1940).

Who was the first superhero?

The earliest superhero I could find reference to was Mandrake the Magician, who debuted in 1934, four years before Superman, who was probably the first popular superhero. Mandrake’s super power was his ability to “make people believe anything, simply by gesturing hypnotically”.

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How do you read the new 52?


  1. Justice League Origins.
  2. Meet the New 52.
  3. Meet the Superman Family.
  4. Flashback / Before Modern Day.
  5. Meet the Bat Family.
  6. The Culling Reading Order.
  7. Meet the Green Lantern Corps.
  8. New 52 Year One Continued.

How do you read DC rebirth?

DC Rebirth Reading Order

  • DC Rebirth Omnibus.
  • Titans, Volume 1: The Return of Wally West.
  • The Flash, Volume 1: Lightning Strikes Twice.
  • Superman Action Comics, Volume 1: Path of Doom.
  • Superman, Volume 1: Son of Superman.
  • Green Arrow, Volume 1: The Life and Death of Oliver Queen.
  • Green Lantern, Volume 1: Rage Planet.

Does Wonder Woman have a weakness?

Modern Age Wonder Woman had no specifically called-out weaknesses. About the closest she’s come is that her super-human stamina and resistance to injury does not seem to apply to piercing weapons, like arrows or daggers; her enhanced healing does not work against such injuries.

How did wonder woman die?

Has Wonder Woman ever died ? The Anti-monitor killed her in Crisis on Infinite Earths. He reverse aged her from an adult to infant and finally to the clay she was formed from.

How old is the joker?

In the first episode of the animated series in 1992, Joker is 44 years old, and in the end, he is 47–48 years old. We know this because in the Mask of the Phantasm (in canon) movie novelization, it says that Jack Napier is 35 years old.