Who Sells More Comics Dc Or Marvel?

Does Marvel or DC sell more?

Though Marvel Comics was the most successful comics publisher of 2018, DC Comics managed to have the single highest-selling comic issue of the year.

With a wealth of superheroes in film and television, it’s not a surprise to see that major comic publishers are reaching larger audiences than ever.

Which is more famous DC or Marvel?

New Study Shows That DC Is Way More Popular Than Marvel. Batman or Ant-Man? Thirty-two states named DC their most popular comic book universe, and fourteen chose Marvel. Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Kentucky couldn’t name a winner between the two universes, though all four named a DC superhero as their favorite.

Which comic is better DC or Marvel?

DC Comics and its characters are often known for being dark, serious, and brooding; the most famous example of this is the Batman. While, Marvel is known to be less serious, lighter and focuses more on entertainment.

How many comics has DC sold?

Copies sold: 504,200

DC Comics printed the 80-page giant with 11 different covers, which is par for the course with a book of its magnitude and era.