Who Is Steppenwolf In Dc Comics?

Who is Steppenwolf’s father?

Darkseid’s parents were named Heggra and Yuga Khan. Steppenwolf was Heggra’s younger brother, but the family was anything but a functional one.

Who is Steppenwolf mother?


Why does Steppenwolf say Darkseid?

Steppenwolf indicated he smelled the blood of the Old Gods in Wonder Woman, so her presence, along with that of the Kryptonian Superman and their new allies could further entice Darkseid to come test his might and show the universe just what the New Gods are about.

Who are the new gods in DC Comics?

Billions of years ago, a cataclysm split the planet Urgrund in two, forming the twin planets of New Genesis, a sunlit utopia, and Apokolips, an industrialized wasteland. Their populations became known as the New Gods, the immortal denizens of the cosmos who existed outside the constraints of earthly time and space.