Who Is Adam In Marvel Comics?

Who is atom in Marvel?

Mister Atom is a fictional comic book supervillain, a radioactive robot who is regularly seen as an enemy of Captain Marvel.

How is Adam in Marvel?

Adam Warlock is one of the major players in Marvel’s cosmic landscape. His innate, energy-based powers already make him a force to be reckoned with. But when he wields the awesome might of the Soul Gem, Warlock becomes one of the most powerful warriors in the universe.

Is Adam Warlock a celestial?

Adam WarlockMagus. Emerging from a cocoon, the being known as Adam Warlock defies his creators’ intentions and proves to be an important cosmic entity.

Is Adam Warlock a villain or hero?

Adam Warlock is often portrayed as both an anti-hero and both as a protagonist, and very minor times as a villain.