What Happens To Negan Walking Dead Comics?

What happened to Negan in The Walking Dead comic?

Laughing, Negan passes out from blood loss.

He wakes up inside one of the rooms in the Hilltop and sees Rick standing over him.

Rick reveals that he’s going to keep Negan alive so he can see the survivors’ new civilization flourish without him.

Rick also tells Negan that he will spend the rest of his life in jail.

What happens with Negan and the whisperers in the comics?

Spoilers from the comics are ahead.

On the road, Negan kills this survivor and makes a play for it on his own. He meets up with the Whisperers, ingratiates himself within their hierarchy, assassinates their leader Alpha (Samantha Morton) and brings her head back to Alexandria as a sign of goodwill.

How does Negan kill Alpha in the comics?

Comic book series

Alpha was the leader of the Whisperers and Lydia’s mother. After Negan appears to have joined her group, he fatally slashes Alpha across the neck and decapitates her.

Will Negan betray the whisperers?

After fleeing Alexandria, Negan infiltrated The Whisperers and managed to gain the trust of Alpha (Samantha Morton). In the Robert Kirkman comics upon which the show is based, this culminates in him betraying the masked faction and decapitating Alpha.