What Dc Comics Stand For?

What is DC Comics short for?

The initials “DC” were an abbreviation for the original name of “Detective Comics”, but DC was later adapted to be the company’s official name. DC comics was founded in 1934 by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson.

What is the full form of DC in DC Comics?

D.C. stands for DETECTIVE COMICS. Detective Comics was the name of the popular comic series that was issued by National Allied Publications in partnership with another company known as the Detective Comics Inc.

Who is in DC Comics?

So, let’s take a look at our definitive list of the top 10 DC Comics superheroes.

  • Superman. Christopher Reeve in Superman: The Movie | Warner Bros.
  • Batman. Christian Bale in Batman Begins | Warner Bros.
  • Flash. The Flash | DC Comics.
  • Green Lantern.
  • Wonder Woman.
  • Martian Manhunter.
  • Aquaman.
  • John Constantine.

What does DC movies stand for?

by DC Comics. DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is an unofficial term used to refer to an American media franchise and shared universe that is centered on a series of superhero films, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and based on characters that appear in American comic books by DC Comics.