The Walking Dead Comics Wolves?

Are the wolves in The Walking Dead comics?

Who Are The Wolves In The Walking Dead? First of all, the most likely candidate is that the Wolves are the television version of the DC Scavengers. In the comic books, the Rick vs. Peter Anderson saga culminates with Rick putting a bullet in Peter’s head.

Who were the wolves in walking dead?


JSS An unnamed captured Wolf to Morgan and Gabriel before being killed by Carol. The Wolves are a group of hostile survivors introduced in Season 5 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. They served as the primary antagonistic group for the first half of Season 6.

What happened to the wolves on the walking dead?

Besides their leader who was held prisoner, the only Wolves to survive escaping Alexandria were killed by Rick in the RV in S6E3. The Wolves are dead. Most of them died attacking Alexandria. The handful that escaped (the group Morgan lets leave) were killed when they tried to ambush Rick in the RV.

Why do walkers have W on their forehead?

Morgan may have referenced them in Season 3 when he tells Rick that walkers were whispering to him. In the comic, The Whisperers wear walker skin to disguise themselves. So it’s possible the “W” stands for The Whisperers. However, the show has already alluded to a group called the Wolves.