The Flash Comics For Sale?

How much is the Flash comic book worth?

Highest Price Sold For: $289,000

Before Allen donned the red suit though, Jay Garrick held the title of the Scarlet Speedster.

Flash Comics 1 debuted in 1940, and since then has been one of the more valuable issues on the open market.

How much is the first Flash comic book worth?

Flash Comics #1: $450,000 (£345,690)

Written by Gardner Fox and drawn by Harry Lampert, this book from 1940 fetched $450,000 (£345,690) in 2010, which at the time made it the second-most expensive comic in history.

How many the Flash comics are there?

New Flash – Mark Waid Flash Reading Order (1990’s)

As in, we’re going to need a new Flash. Enter the era of Wally West. It’s worth noting here that there are over 60 issues of Flash comics from 1987 to 1992 that are uncollected, and weirdly almost never discussed.

What was the first Flash comic book?

Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert, the original Flash first appeared in Flash Comics #1 (cover date January 1940/release month November 1939).