Stan Lee Comics For Sale?

How much is a comic book signed by Stan Lee Worth?

In the last five years of Stan’s life, the price for an in-person autograph went from $25 to over $125 (and, more) with thousands of fans oftentimes waiting for hours to obtain an in-person signature.

Who is Stan Lee Amazon?

Stan Lee. Stan Lee is a man who needs no introduction. Nevertheless: Having begun his career with wartime Timely Comics and staying the course throughout the Atlas era, Stan the Man made comic-book history with Fantastic Four #1, harbinger of a bold new perspective in story writing that endures to this day.

How was Stan Lee’s childhood?

Childhood & Early Life

Stan Lee was born on December 28, 1922 in New York to Celia and Jack Lieber. His father was a dress cutter who did not get much work after the Great Depression. His family had to live in financial difficulties in a one-bedroom apartment.

How does CGC Signature Series work?

The yellow CGC Signature Series label is applied to collectibles that have been signed by someone of significance to the item. The signatures are then authenticated by CGC with labels indicating who signed the item, when it was signed, and in some cases where it was signed.