Misty Knight Marvel Comics Arm?

Does Misty Knight lose her arm in the comics?

Marvel’s Luke Cage. Misty Knight (Simone Missick) has a new look. An extra-durable one. Marvel, as usual, is keeping details of how and when Misty gets her bionic arm under wraps, but in the comics, Misty’s bionic arm was designed by Tony Stark and Stark Industries after she lost the limb in a bombing.

How did Misty Knight lose her arm in the comics?

Within the context of the Marvel Universe, Knight is a former NYPD police officer, whose arm was amputated following a bomb attack. After receiving a bionic prosthetic from Tony Stark, she started a private-investigation agency with close friend, Colleen Wing.

Did Misty from Luke Cage really lose her arm in real life?

No Although she didn’t lose it in the basement, the injury did result in it being amputated. You see her sitting on her couch with the right arm gone from the elbow. And she is seen on the street talking with Luke and she does not have a right arm from the elbow down.

What episode does Misty Knight get her bionic arm?

At the end of The Defenders, Misty Knight lost her right arm, but in the second season of Luke Cage she gets her comic book signature bionic arm — with a little help from a friend.