Marvel Comics Spider Man Value?

How much are Spiderman comics worth?

A Spider-Man Comic Book Just Sold for Over $450,000 in Dallas | Fortune.

What is the rarest Spider Man comic book?

Marvel: The 10 Rarest Spider-Man Comics (& What They’re Worth)

  • 1 Amazing Spider-Man #1 – $1,450,000.
  • 2 Amazing Spider-Man #4 – $1,350,000.
  • 3 Amazing Fantasy #15 – $1,100,000.
  • 4 Amazing Spider-Man #2 – $750,000.
  • 5 Amazing Spider-Man #3 – $270,000.
  • 6 Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 – $165,000.
  • 7 Amazing Spider-Man #14 – $130,000.
  • 8 Amazing Spider-Man #13 – $94,000.

How many issues are there of The Amazing Spider Man?

700 issues

What is the original Spider Man comic?

Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962)
Created by Stan Lee Steve Ditko
In-story information

9 more rows

What is the rarest comic book in the world?

An original copy of the Action Comics #1 that initially cost 10 cents and introduced Earth to Superman became the world’s most expensive comic book Sunday when it raked in $3.2 million on eBay.

What are the best comics to collect?

The best-selling comic books of all time

  1. Action Comics #1000 (2018) Jim Lee/DC Comics.
  2. Detective Comics #1000 (2019) Image:Jim Lee/DC Comics.
  3. Amazing Spider-Man #583 (2009) Todd Nauck/Marvel Comics.
  4. Secret Wars #1 (2015)
  5. Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2014)
  6. FCBD Edition Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (2002)
  7. Batman: The 10-cent Adventure (2002) #1.
  8. Fantastic Four #60 (2002)

What 90s comics are worth money?

A List Of Important Comics From The 1990s:

Rank CGC Count Issue
1. 11,846 New Mutants #98 Rare CGC-recognized newsstand cover price variant is confirmed to exist
2. 8,475 Uncanny X-Men #266
3. 5,855 Amazing Spider-Man #361 Rare CGC-recognized newsstand cover price variant is confirmed to exist
4. 5,599 Spawn #1
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48 more rows

How can you tell if a comic book is valuable?

The easiest way to determine if your comics fall into the “good” category is by looking at the cover price. Almost all comic books have the retail cover price at the time of publication on the cover. The valuable ones will have 10c, 12c, 15c, 20c, or 25c on the cover.

Are comics still worth collecting?

Over time, some of those comic books, especially origin issues, can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, such as Action Comics #1 worth about half a million dollars. Today, with companies like the Comics Guaranty Company and eBay, even current comics are worth a considerable amount of money.

How old is Thanos?

In doing so, he revealed that Thanos is at least 1,000 years old. “Clearly, Thanos, you know, is a thousand-year-old character who has fought everyone in the universe. He’s the greatest.

Who is the oldest superhero?


Is Peter Parker dead in the comics?

Peter Parker didn’t die. They swapped brains. So you’ve seen Peter Parker’s physical body up and running for a year and a half. And now he’s got his body back.