Marvel Comics House Of M?

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How do you read a House of M?

The Official Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Event Reading Order

  • Excalibur #13-14 (prelude)
  • House of M #1-2.
  • Fantastic Four: House of M #1.
  • Spider-Man: House of M #1.
  • Iron Man: House of M #1.
  • House of M #3.
  • Incredible Hulk #83.
  • Uncanny X-Men #462.

Why did Scarlet Witch kill all mutants?

With three little words, Scarlet Witch changed the face of the Marvel Universe. After becoming unstable with her powers, a group of heroes, including Avengers and X-Men decided Scarlet Witch’s powers were too dangerous. She was out of control. She caused too much damage and death.

What is after House of M?

Decimation: X-Men – The Day After written by Chris Claremont is the follow up story to Brian Michael Bendis’ House of M.

Is WandaVision House of M?

Elizabeth Olsen’s Disney+ series could be primed to take on ‘House of M,’ the 2005 event story in which Scarlet Witch remade reality following a personal tragedy. WandaVision, Marvel Studios’ upcoming streaming series for Disney+, aims to change all that.

What caused House of M?

Given that the House of M reality was created by the Scarlet Witch and Charles Xavier combining their powers to give the assembled New Avengers and X-Men their hearts’ desires, it appears that Magneto’s heart’s desire was threefold.

What if Scarlet Witch said no more powers?

Scarlet Witch Ended the ‘House of M’ By Saying, ‘No More Power?’ ” In this story, all of the heroes of the world lose their powers with mixed results. Thing is human, Doctor Strange tells Wong that he can’t connect with magic, Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton is too heavy, Ms.

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Why is Scarlet Witch so powerful?

In the comics, Scarlet Witch has the potential to be the single most powerful superhero on Earth. This is because Wanda was born at Mount Wandagore, where one of the Elder Gods named Chthon had been imprisoned millennia ago; he touched her spirit with his own, granting her access to his own power.

Why is Scarlet Witch so weak in the movies?

Yet somehow the original Scarlet Witch from the comics continues to outshine the one we’ve gotten on the screen. While her altered origin and abilities certainly play their part, the real reason that Wanda is weaker in the MCU is that her powers continue to go unexplored.

Is Scarlet Witch stronger than Thanos?

The Scarlet Witch is much more powerful than Thanos.

He only survived by the skin of his teeth. Just a little more time, and he would’ve been ground to dust without snapping a single Infinity Stone.

What Avengers did Scarlet Witch kill?


Who is stronger Thor or Scarlet Witch?

Unlike Wanda, Thor is more durable in a fight. And, as Natasha so casually said, Thor is basically a god. So really, for me, Thor is the strongest/most powerful Avenger but Scarlet Witch is the strongest/most powerful HUMAN Avenger (until Captain Marvel is introduced or if you guys think it’s Strange).

What comes before House of M?

In addition to the main eight-issue limited series, House of M was preceded by a story in Excalibur #13–14, and had several tie-ins to ongoing series, including Uncanny X-Men, New X-Men: Academy X, The Incredible Hulk and Wolverine, and several miniseries: Fantastic Four: House of M, Iron-Man: House of M, Mutopia X: