How Many Spawn Comics Are There?

Do they still make Spawn comics?

600. When the comic book writer and artist Todd McFarlane introduced readers to Spawn in 1992, he had little idea that he and the character would still be at it 27 years later. 301 will arrive in comic book stores and make Spawn the longest-running creator-owned comic book series.

How many volumes of spawn are there?

6 Books

Is spawn Marvel or DC Comics?

Spawn is no way Marvel, he was created by Todd McFarlane as part of Image Comics that was all about creator control over there own characters. to be honest I can’t say what Universe he is in anymore, I guess his own but he was part of the Image Universe but turns out a bunch of creators controlling their own characters

Is spawn a good comic?

When the series debuted it was an amazing success, becoming the highest-selling independent comic book of all time, but it’s impossible not to see Spawn now through the lens of time. When they organized and demanded more, Marvel said that it didn’t matter who the artist was, it was the property that got big sales.