Helen Of Troy Dc Comics?

Is Helen of Troy Wonder Woman’s Mom?

Introduced in 1941 during the Golden Age of Comic Books, she is the queen of the Amazons of Themyscira, the mother of Wonder Woman, and in some continuities, the adopted mother of Donna Troy.

Hippolyta made her cinematic debut in the DC Extended Universe in the 2017 film Wonder Woman, played by Connie Nielsen.

Is Donna Troy Wonder Woman’s sister?

Donna Troy, alias Wonder Girl and later Troia and Wonder Woman, is a superhero with a long association with the Teen Titans and Titans. As a magical mirror duplicate of Wonder Woman, she is considered her sister.

Is Donna Troy Diana’s daughter?

‘Titans’ Profile: Donna Troy

Donna Troy (1989-2019) was a photographer and the childhood best friend of Dick Grayson and the former girlfriend/childhood friend of the late Garth as well as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman’s foster daughter and her former sidekick Wonder Girl.

Does Donna Troy die in the comics?

Donna Troy, like many comic book characters, has died at one point only to be resurrected in the future. Donna’s death took place in the third issue of the Graduation Day series where she is killed by a Superman robot that attacks the Titans.

Why did Donna Troy die?

Having earned the appreciation of the general public in the vicinity of the finale’s chaos, Donna Troy (aka Wonder Girl) was forced to step in and rescue them from a falling transmission tower. The action resulted in Donna’s death when she succumbed to her injuries via electrocution.

Did Zeus and Hippolyta have a child?

3 Ares and Hades Romanced Her

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In addition to the comic book relationships Hippolyta has had with Hercules and Zeus, the animated DC projects have given her other relationships with the gods as well. The two even had a son, though Hippolyta ended up placing Ares in prison after he turned on her.

Why did Donna die Titans?

Donna died for saving Dawn because..she got electrocuted.

Is Donna Troy really dead in Titans?

In a separate battle, Donna was apparently killed by a rogue Superman robot in the Titans/Young Justice crossover “Graduation Day”, but was later shown to be alive on another world.

Who is Donna Troy’s dad?

Carl Stacey